Looking for a Book Group?

Our Book Group selections for the spring are now on our website! The group is open to all, and meets on Thursdays in the Schneider Room at 10:15.

Maine Big Night (Adults, Families, Teens)

Tuesday, February 21 from 6:00 – 6:45PM – Every spring, conditions come together to form one of the most eruptive wildlife migrations in the world – right in our backyards. The warm, rainy nights of spring bring frogs and salamanders out in droves, creating what is referred to as “big nights”. However, many of these migrants face trouble as they meet one of the newest habitats on the landscape – roads. This talk will introduce the community science project Maine Big Night, a project that anyone can participate in to collect data and help migrating amphibians in roadways. Amphibian natural history, results from previous years, and compelling stories will also be included. This is an all ages event.  Adults, Families, and Teens are all encouraged to take part in this important citizen science initiative.  Come to program to learn how you can help amphibians! 

Two ways to read online with your library card! CloudLibrary and ComicsPlus are both available to all Baxter Memorial Library Cardholders! CloudLibrary contains a wide range of ebooks and audiobooks for all ages, and ComicsPlus offers thousands of digital comics, graphic novels and manga. 

Now Available – Telescope and Metal Detector 

Look up at the stars with our new Library Telescope. Jennifer & Alexander Klein donated this telescope for the use of Baxter Library card holders. Borrow it for a week and satisfy your curiosity about your place among the stars.

Have you always wanted to search for buried treasure? BML card holders are now able to borrow a metal detector for 1 week. You only have to supply the 9volt battery.  

Don’t forget we also circulate ukuleles (along with tutorial videos) and Let’s Move Packs that include bird watching, dog training, yoga, and fitness kits. Call for availability!

Bee and Butterfly Discovery Garden

What started with a wish for a few milkweed plants and a desire to talk to children in the community about the importance of local pollinator plants now has become Baxter Memorial Library’s new 1,400 sq. ft. Bee and Butterfly Discovery Garden.

BML staff applied and received a generous grant from the Maine Public Library Fund this spring, and soon plans began to take shape. The Department of Public Works initially cleared the space and brought in fill. O’Donal’s then provided a personalized on-site assessment of the area and designed a garden plan, recommending numerous plants and shrubs known to attract both bees and butterflies. With the help of several large compost, mulch, and plant deliveries, as well as the generous donations of both plants and labor from several members of our community, the Garden currently comprises over 40 types of plants. It includes commonly known butterfly bushes, coneflowers, and bee balm, as well as perhaps lesser-known plants such as hyssop, wild burgenot, and joe pye weed. The space provides a variety of sensory offerings, featuring plants of different heights, colors, scents, textures, and even sounds. It also contains a bird bath, a handful of low-bush blueberry bushes, as well as both woodchip and stepping-stone paths, which visitors are encouraged to enjoy at their leisure.

The next time you’re returning your library books or even just walking through the village, take a few minutes to swing by and take a peek at the new Bee and Butterfly Discovery Garden! 

The Garden is marked by a sign, designating the space and providing some introductory information about the importance of pollinators in our community. BML hopes to add seating stumps for children to use during programs, perhaps some local art, and a bench for rest and relaxation. 

For more information or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, please call BML at 222-1190. They do ask that members of the community communicate with them before leaving any garden contributions.