Meeting Rooms

There are two meeting rooms available for reservations:

The Schneider Great Room

This room can accommodate programs and groups of up to 49 people. Groups are responsible for ensuring that the maximum capacity for the room is not exceeded.

Groups using the Great Room may arrange the available chairs and tables but must return the Great Room to its original condition. Because the library does not have staff available to set up or break down meeting rooms, groups requiring this service should seek a room elsewhere.

The Grondin Room

This meeting room can accommodate up to eight people. The main purpose of the room is to provide space for tutoring sessions and study groups.


Download a PDF copy of the Registration Form below.

Reservations for use of library meeting rooms are made through the Administrative Assistant to the Library Director or their designee. A registration form for a group must be on file before a meeting may be scheduled. By completing and signing the registration form, the groups contact person acknowledges that they have read and understood this policy. It is the responsibility of the group to update the form whenever its contact person changes.

Hours & Fees

There is no charge for use of the meeting rooms. However, donations to the library are welcomed and appreciated.

Library meeting rooms are only available to outside groups during regular library hours. This policy must be strictly enforced. Groups must finish their meetings and restore meeting rooms to their original condition before the library closes for the day.

Rules of Use

Groups are expected to be in and out of library meeting rooms in the time allotted for their meeting.

If the library is closed due to inclement weather or an unforeseen emergency, use of the meeting room is automatically canceled. If this happens, as much notice as possible will be given to the group contact person on record with the Library.

Light refreshments may be served but all food and drinks are the complete responsibility of the group using the room. The library does not offer kitchen facilities. No food is to be left in a library meeting room after the completion of a meeting.

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on library property.

Meeting Room Policy


Meeting Room User Registration Form